Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time To Hand Out Pink Slips!!!

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How important is your opinion??  

My fellow Patriot Americans,

I have for years been saying that we need too and must wake up and take our country and government back before it is too late. Sadly as I write this that call seems so ever more urgent. Things have passed and are in the process of attempting to pass that could forever change the face of our country. Not a good change for the Americans who believe in the constitution and the freedom it is suppose to bring to us.

I am sure most of you have seen the advertisements on TV for The Girls Gone Wild Video. Someone should make a "The Representatives Gone Wild" video. Most of them are doing anything but representing us, their bosses. Yes they do work for us, not that you could tell by the way they ignore our will and the way they talk about us when we dare stand up and express our will.

One of the first things we should do is join together and make sure something is put in effect to protect the Internet and access to it by Americans at a reasonable cost. Aside from the 2nd Amendment and our Right To Bear Arms, nothing may be more important in our fight and struggle to keep our freedom and our country as our founders intended. I think most would agree that the right to access to the Internet is something we should demand and expect.

I am sure that the people in DC who are trying to ram bills down our throats that no one has read including the people voting for them wishes right now that Al Gore hadn't of invented the Internet.

That aside this isn't about Democrats, this isn't about Republicans, it isn't about parties. It is about principal and what this country was founded on. both parties are more concerned about being or staying in power then they are about doing the right thing for the country. We must put our ego aside and realize that there is very little difference in the two main political parties today. The biggest difference is the way they spell their name.

It is time for a 3rd Main Party and maybe even a 4th. There is a reason that it is so difficult for another party to form and get traction. The two main parties have passed laws to make it so. Why? To make it easier for them to stay in power. There are numerous Third Parties in this country but we Americans really need a 3rd and maybe 4th party that can and will compete with the two parties in power.

I don't have the means, knowledge or know how to do something like this. But together we can and will have those means.

Remember in the fall of 2008 when the earth was going to stop spinning and the sun was going to stop shinning if they didn't pass the first bailout RIGHT NOW? Remember how it didn't pass for a few days and during those days the earth was still turning and the sun was still shinning? That was a mistake in passing and so is this other stuff that HAS to be passed right now. It is SO urgent there is no time to even read the bill or give the American people time to read the bill.

One of the saddest things about this is that the burden these white haired men and women (yes they dye their hair) have passed on to our Children and Grand Children, a lot of these people will be dead and buried BEFORE our Children are old enough to even vote. Yet these Children are still saddled with this debt given to them by people who won't be around to see them struggle with it.

It IS about our Children and our Grand Children and our Great Grand Children. We must stand up for them. We must unite for them, and we must protect their freedom that so many in DC is trying to take away from them.

We stand up to them and ask them questions and they (the elite) call us an angry mob. The people in DC don't care what we think or what we want. If they did then they would listen to us and stop this insanity they are doing in DC. They have forgotten and the ones who haven't don't care who they are working for. If we had an employee that wouldn't listen to how we wanted them to do their job that we gave them, we would fire them.

It is time we start doing some firing while we are still able to do so. In time if we wait too long, we won't be able to fire anyone, or say no to anything they may deem would be best for us.