Monday, May 3, 2010



Someone is calling to take up guns! I can hear it now. From the Progressive Socialist Democrats that have no problem saying what ever it takes to gain or stay in power, how will they spin (lie) about it?

The Democratic Party has been taken over in leadership by Progressive Socialist. People with beliefs and thought processes that most real Democrats wouldn't agree with. The Republican Party isn't much better. Mostly they are moving slower but there are still a lot of Progressive members of the Republican Party.

Both parties are afraid of the Tea Party Movement. The Democrats want to call members of the Tea Party Movement names and attempt to marginalize them. A lot of Republicans want to try and bring them in, but if they did that would the movement cease?

Many on the Republican side will say that a third party such as the Tea Party Movement would only take away from Republicans and put Democrats in office. Can either party be trusted? I think not and Washington D.C. needs a shock and make over.

It is important to take EGO out of the picture. Look at some of these elected officials that have been in office so long that they think the seat is THEIR seat. They think they know best and that we are too dumb to understand what needs to be done. Even though these same people vote for a bill they haven't even read.

I say to all Tea Parties get the EGO out and come together and wrap our arms together in a line that can't be broken. We need a true National third party that isn't beholden to the old way of life in DC. We need common men and women making the laws. People who won't write 10 pages to say something that can be said in 1 page. People who just want to go and try and get the country back to the way the founders intended then go home and live.

It is time we think out of the box and act outside of the box. It is time for all Patriots to come together and form a party that is for the people and the constitution of the United States. Where do we start? Getting our EGO's out of the way. We can't have this a a better Tea Party Group or that is a better Tea Party Group. We all have good intentions and desires for our country. We agree about so many things so if we can put the Ego in it's pen then we can and should work together.

Who will take the lead to start a National Tea Party? But with that we also need local Tea Parties. It is time and it is needed.