Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A New Political Party Is Needed


Both Political Parties have failed the American people. They both have become so obsessed with power that they have lost complete sight of what their True duties are. They are more concerned about keeping their power then doing what is right for this country and the citizens of this country. With this mindset things that they do, bills that they pass, programs that they promote are mainly do with the thought of how it will help keep them in power.

There are numerous (3rd) third parties. The Republicans and Democrats have purposely made it hard for another party to have any influence if it is started. The difficulty of getting a candidate from a different party then the main two on a ballot is by design. That is wrong and it is something that should be changed.

It is truly time that a national 3rd party be started. The Republicans and Democrats have gotten so close about so many things that it doesn't make much difference who you vote for. Just hold your nose, close your eyes and vote. It is time to finally have a National Party that will represent the people and represent the foundation this country was built upon.

It will take many, many people to make this happen. People that have common sense and that TRULY love this country and the principals upon which it was founded. Many people with many ideas with a common goal of a true Patriot Party.

Who is ready to start this journey?

"Our hope will become the light that will shine the way to pave the road for our childen. The road of our children has to be a road of freedom." Don Nicely

If not for ourselves for our children.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Late To Apologize - A Declaration

Too Late To Apologize - A Declaration

Click the link above and watch the video at the top of the page it takes you to.

Do you feel like giving up yet? Are you tired? Do you just wish it would stop? GOOD! That is exactly how they are wanting you to feel. They figure if they throw enough stuff at you that in time you will just throw your hands up and say what the use?

If you fall into that trap then they win and everyone that loves freedom, the constitution and the reason this great country came into being will lose. Most important our children, grand children and great grand children will lose.

Congress has declared war on the American People and on the Constitution. These people doing some of this work are NOT Patriots. I would say some shouldn't even be called Americans. To ignore the Constitution like they are could be called an act of treason. They are attempting to destroy this country as it was founded.

What the people in congress are attempting to do to this country is nothing short of evil. It is time to call these people the names they deserve. They don't like it when someone questions them being a Patriot? Then let them start acting like American Patriots instead of the Progressive Socialist Democrats that they are proving to be by their actions.

Don't give up. I know you are tired but it it the True American Patriots who will save this country from the Radical Progressive Socialist Party in control in DC at this time. If we don't stand together against them, then they will win and Freedom and God will lose.

The Radical Progressive Socialist Congress has declared WAR on America and her people. They want us to be at each other. They don't want us to talk with common sense with each other. The more we are at each other the easier path they have to taking our freedom and country away from us.