Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four years ago I posted a message to then President-Elect Obama. You can read it at this link: A Chance To Be A Great President! Mr. Obama you had a chance to be a GREAT President. You had a chance to be President of and for ALL the people. I didn't agree with you, I didn't vote for you and I didn't believe you or in you. I have watched you perform for four years. It hasn't been a good performance if you love this country and the principals it was founded on. Instead of taking that chance you were given to actually become a great president for our country you decided to be as partisan as a person could be and instead of bringing people together you have made the split larger. You decided you weren't going to work with anyone that didn't agree with you. And for two years you didn't have too and you didn't. You say things that surely you know aren't the truth, yet you still say them. It appears to me that the most important thing to you is to be re-elected. Even though that would be important a GREAT man and president would sometimes put politics aside with dealing with things that are important to America and her people. Too me the last straw was a comment you made the other day that I couldn't believe you would have made after the killing of 4 Americans in service of their country. Especially after what has come out about this and what will come out about this before it is over with. LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND Is this what AMERICA is now? Does AMERICA stand and watch their Solders fighting to stay alive and NOT send help in?? A Hero's Father Talks! Whose America is these Kinds of Actions??? More and more is breaking about this story. The Main Stream Media isn't doing their job as they should. Read, Share and get it out so they can't ignore this story. Listen to the father of the Seal who lost his life TRYING to save other Americans. WHOSE AMERICA IS THIS KIND OF ACTION BY THE PEOPLE IN POWER? IT IS TIME THEY ARE MADE TO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR ACTIONS. IN HONOR OF THE FALLEN PLEASE READ AND LISTEN TO THIS STORY. If it turns your stomach PLEASE Share It. I know a lot of people say you are a good person. Now why do they say that? They don't agree with you but are they trying to give you an out? I don't think you are a good person. I base this on your actions the last four years. Watching you speak and perform and react. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think so. A good person wouldn't let 4 Americans in service of their country die without trying to help them if possible. In the Benghazi Embassy attack it would have been possible to send in help. Why didn't you do that? People's lives were saved because heroes wouldn't stand down. Why isn't the main stream media talking about this? The media should be reporting instead of trying to cover up stories that might hurt who they support. If the main stream media doesn't stop acting like anything but a real media outlet then in time they will find themselves being thought of as the fringe media. Tomorrow Americans will decide what kind of America they want by the way they cast their ballots. This reminds me of 1980. I remember it well. America had lost her pride. Countries didn't respect or fear her. Our spirit and pride had been hurt by a man named Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan gave our country its pride back. We need someone to give us our pride back. Mr. Obama you aren't that person. You have been so busy the last four years telling the world what is wrong with America that many have forgotten what is right with this great country. I can only hope for our kids and grand kids sakes that the results of 2012 will be like the results of 1980 when a man who was a very bad president was sent home. I think the people of this country that loves this country and believes in the founding principals of this great country will speak on November 6, 2012. They will say NO to the last four years. Mr. Obama it is too bad you didn't take the chance you had to be a great president but the truth of it was you wasn't up to the job and you failed because of you and how you tried to govern. No other reason or any other persons fault. Instead of spending all your time trying to lay the blame for anything bad at other peoples feet, maybe you should have been using that energy trying to come up with ideas that would really work instead of coming up with ideas that would only damage this country. Enjoy your retirement while we try to dig our country out of the hole you have put her in. I never thought I would see a president worse then Jimmy Carter but in you Barack Obama I have seen a person who has actually done more damage then Mr. Carter.

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