Monday, March 18, 2013

SENATORS Still Playing Games

The Games Senators Are STILL Playing.

What are some of the GAMES our elected officials play?  Isn't the Game Of Cloture that U.S. Senators play, a game of deceit?  Deceit that would mean deception or deceive.  Do Senators think that the people that elects them are that dumb and do not understand what they are doing?

The Senators play games again with the issue of John O. Brennan.  Every Senator who votes FOR Cloture which means YEA and then votes AGAINST confirmation, which means NAY is, let me say again IS PLAYING GAMES!  If you are going to vote against him then you should vote against Cloture.  Voting FOR Cloture gives up ANY power you have of stopping this appointment.

On the John Brennan votes for CIA Director again Senators play their game.  People say he shouldn't be CIA Director YET they vote away their power to stop it.  (CLOTURE)

16 NAY votes on Cloture YET 34 NAY votes on Confirmation. 18 Senators PLAYING GAMES!!!

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